Hello and welcome on my website. On this website I will blog about Windows Phone and its security mechanisms. I consider myself to be an ethical hacker and security analyst. In the past I created hacks, tools and SDK's for Windows Phone 7. You can find them here: www.wp7roottools.com. I unlocked Windows Phone to make it possible to create powerful homebrew apps and make use of my SDK. Over the last years I did a lot of research on Windows Phone 8, mainly on Lumia devices. I worked quietly on that, and finally I've been able to unlock Windows Phone 8. Meanwhile I created a lot of notes on the Windows Phone security mechanisms and I created tools to support my research. Some of these tools are ready to use and other tools are still in development.

I have focussed on a couple of subjects:

  • UEFI bootloaders
  • TrustZone
  • Secure Boot
  • Chain-of-trust in Windows Phone boot-process
  • The security mechanisms in the kernel
  • The app-containers and its capability-mechanisms
  • JTAG
  • Differences between Windows Phone 8.1  and Windows 10 Mobile

Now the time is finally here to release my work to the public. I will start with the "Windows Phone Internals" tool and an SDK to start developing homebrew software. And when time permits it, I will try to elaborate more indepth on my research in some blog-posts.



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